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Top 10 Important Things to Know Before Any Pressure Washing Job

Things to know before any pressure washing job

Roof cleaning in Vancouver Washington is important if you want your roof to last as long as possible. Pressure washing is a great way to achieve superior level of cleanliness. However, before you begin pressure washing anything on you own, here are ten things you should know.

1. Power Washing vs Pressure Washing: What’s The Difference?

Pressure washers are machine’s that uses high-pressure water to disperse water to remove organic growth such as grime, dust, mold, and other debris loose. A power washer does the same thing, but it also uses heat to help it obtain more effective results in some cases.

2. When to Pressure Wash vs. Power Washing

A pressure washer is often recommended for large surfaces that require heavy-duty cleaning power. Pressure washers are generally not used indoors, but they work great for cleaning driveways, walkways, patios and pavers in Vancouver Washington . Operators of pressure washers and power washers should be very careful when using power washers because the added heat can damage some surfaces. It is not often that the use of a heated power washing unit is necessary on residential jobs. Grease stains in driveways for example can be removed with industrial strength degreasers.

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3. Different Pressure Washer Sizes

Pressure washers can be purchased in many different levels of efficiency ranging from light duty to industrial or commercial grade. These are the important things to remember when looking at the different levels of pressure washers:

  • Light duty: These washers generally produce water pressure that is below 2,000 PSI. These units could possibly be electric as well as gas powered. They are a great choice for small needs, such as cleaning off a patio or deck.
  • Medium duty: You may want to select this type of washer if you need to wash something that’s more difficult to clean. Such as your home’s siding, fencing, or driveway. A medium-duty washer usually has a water pressure at a general range between 2,000 and 2,800 PSI.
  • Heavy duty: This might be the right choice if you’re cleaning heavily soiled concrete. Heavy-duty washers can reach pressure levels up to 3,300 PSI.
  • Professional Duty: Unless you are starting a pressure washing business than it is likely that this type of power will not be necessary. Maintenance on these types of pressure washers will be higher. Also, the general knowledge required to operate this type of unit is significantly higher. The gallons per minute and pressure put out by these types of pressure washers is usually above 3,300 psi and 8 gpm.

4. Residential vs Commercial Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning products and cleaning solutions used to clean residential and commercial surfaces differ greatly. Most residential cleaning soaps and solutions are sufficient for homeowners. However, if you have to tackle particularly grimy projects, you may want to invest in professional-grade cleaning solutions.

5. Gas vs. Electric Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are available in both gas and electric. Gas versions usually provide higher PSI, but electric versions may be easier for the average home owner to keep maintained. Just do your research and make th purchase that best suits your particular needs and requirements.

6. Different Surfaces Require Different Cleaning Methods

It’s not a good idea to apply pressure to all types of surfaces. In particular, you should avoid pressure washing:

  • Laminar Sandstone
  • Stained Wood
  • Anything Painted

7. Nozzle Types

Pressure washer tips have color coded indited tips which makes it simple for operators to select the right color. The color coded tips are as fallows:

  • Black: Black is the gentlest spray nozzle available. It produces a 65-degree spray angle and works great for removing dirt.
  • White: This spray nozzle is very user-friendly and produces a spray angle of 40 degrees. Use it to clean siding and windows.
  • Green: This color of spray nozzle produces a spray angle of 25 degrees. It’s a great all-purpose washer nozzle.
  • Yellow: A yellow-tipped nozzle creates a 15-degree spray. You can use it to clean concrete around your home.
  • Red: This nozzle produces the narrowest angle and can cause a lot of damage if used incorrectly. Never use a red-tipped nozzle to clean a surface up close.

8. Safety Considerations

Pressure washing has and will continue to cause thousands of injuries per year to those users that refuse to respect the machine and operate within all required safety protocols. Just like any other tool and piece of equipment there are manufacturer guidelines and suggestions to fallow when operating. Always start every job by reading all of the manufacturers suggestions for operation. Before starting the machine there should be no children or animals present. Be cautious and remain aware that the pressure washer will get very hot while in use so be careful not to let anything near the pressure washer. Gas powered pressure washers dispel used carbon gases which are deadly and harmful if not ventilated properly. Wearing protective safety glasses is essential to begin every job as well as ear protection to prevent hearing damage. Wearing open toed shous is also prohibited for safety while operating pressure washers.

9. How To Pressure Wash

Ensure that there are no children or animals present before starting the pressure washer. When pressure washing, always start by performing a test cleaning on a small section or corner of the surface, you intend on cleaning. When starting to apply pressure with the wand ensure you are maintain proper shooting distance from the cleaning surface 918” minimum) .Once you have the correct distance set with your gun from the surface to be cleaned that begin squeezing the trigger and move slowly and evenly back and forth until you achieve the desired cleaning result.

10. Seasonal Cleaning Considerations

Pressure washing is a job that should never take place in freezing temperatures.

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