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Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Professional to Softwash Your Roof.

Top 3 reasons to hire a professional to softwash your roof


Safety is critical when roof cleaning and removing organic material from a rooftop. When using industry-standard chemicals that can damage yourself or your landscaping, all proper protection and safety devices must be used. Using ladders and getting onto roofs is a hazardous task and should always be left to someone with the knowledge and experience.


Whether you are using a proportioner, a blending manifold, or batch mixing for each job, there is a natural science to the exact chemical ratios that need to be used to achieve the desired result. The ratios required to clean different surfaces are precise need to be taken carefully so as not to damage any surrounding foliage, plants, or undesired surfaces. A professional soft washing company will cover this for you.

Landscape Management

When applying a roof mix to the surface of moss or lichen infested roof, it is critical to pre-soak and post-rinse all surrounding foliage and landscaping. Furthermore, when performing a roof cleaning, there must be special attention to where the drains and downspouts run into the yard. If these details are missed there will inevitably be damage done to the surrounding area.

Moss Removal: Please Call Power Washing Professionals.


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