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Exterior Cleaning on NE 111th Ave in Portland, OR

Exterior cleaning on ne 111th ave in portland or

This Portland, OR new apartment owner was looking to really inspire change in the surrounding neighborhood by renovating and updating his real estate investment as well as increase the curb appeal by performing exterior cleanings. Hari Rayes needed all the building, decks, walkways, sidewalks, parking lot and curb sops all thoroughly washed and cleaned. Our exterior cleaning experts were extremely happy to accommodate and performed all the service in 1 day for him. For this job the only products that were used were biodegradable solutions :Sodium Hypochloride and Eliminator. All of the landscape and surrounding grass/foliage was taken care of and received no damage throughout the cleaning process. The end result was extremely satisfying to see not only for us but for the tenets of the property as well as Hari Rayes.

Project Info:

  • Estimated Budget: $2,200
  • Services Completed:
    • Concrete Cleaning
    • Driveway Cleaning
    • House Washing
    • Sidewalk Cleaning
    • Parking lot cleaning
  • Region: Portland, OR


Products Used: Pool Shock & Eliminator
Client Review: Power Washing Professionals showed up on time and did an outstanding job! Highly recommend for any exterior cleaning needs.
- Hari R.

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