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Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning in Vancouver, WA

Pressure washing and roof cleaning in vancouver wa

Customer need it all lost removed from roof, gutters clean, gutters Brightened and all concrete services on property cleaned.

Our pressure washing pros performed our three step concrete cleaning service which includes a 3-step application including algaecide and fungicides soap Solutions. Firstly remove all debris from the location and then apply a algaecide and fungicides soap to Aid in the removal of all organic growth. Next we apply pressure to all concrete surfaces through a rotary style Surface Cleaner with 3,000 PSI and 10 gallons per minute to clean all surface evenly without streaks. The last step after rinsing everything off is to apply the algaecide again. The reason why we do this as a last step is that it helps the Moss and mildew from coming back for a longer duration of time.

Next for the moss removal and roof cleaning service we set up our ladders on the roof and removed the large debris with brooms brushes. We delicately removed all large organic matter and Moss prior to applying our algaecide and fungicides soap solution. Then once all organic matter has been thoroughly and effectively killed we started cleaning the outside of the gutters. This was a very satisfying job and we look forward to coming out next year for this customer again!

Project Info:


Products Used: Sodium hypochlorite and apple blossom soap
Client Review: That is a wonderful Christian man. He's warm and friendly. He did a great job explaining what it was that he was doing. We had him soft wash our roof using powerful chemicals to kill moss and mildew. We also have a lot of concrete around our property, Zach did a first-rate pressure washing job as well! I have already referred him to a family member.
- Duane R.

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