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Pressure Washing in Vancouver, WA

Pressure washing in vancouver wa

Homeowner pressure washing for the first time in many years. There was a lot of moss, grind, debris, removed. Our pressure washing pros cleaned this driveway with our simple three-step process - 1. We rinse off the surface of all debris and then apply our algaecide and fungicide soaps to the surface. 2. After letting the soap dwell and kill all organic life left on the concrete We Begin by applying 5000 PSI and 10 gallons per minute through a Surface Cleaner. The reason we use surface cleaners as opposed to traditional pressure washing wand is to leave a more even finish and clean surface. Using surface cleaners allows us to cover more surface area and not leave wand marks on the sirface we are cleaning. After surface cleaning and pre-treating the concrete we then follow up by rinsing all of the surface to reveal fresh new concrete for the homeowner or business owner to enjoy!

Project Info:

Products Used: Sodium hypochlorite and apple blossom
Client Review: Excellent customer service and did an excellent job power washed my driveway, retaining walls.
- Tida N.

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Upon arrival, inspect the driveway surface to be cleaned for any cracks or damaged pieces of aggregate or concrete that could be dislodged during the cleaning process. Also, inspect driveway Sealcoat […]

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