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Battle Ground's Leader in Pressure Washing Services

House washing

Power Washing Professionals is proud to be a top contractor in Battle Ground for pressure washing. We take pride in our work because although we don't have decades of established history, we make up for it with superior service.

Our company founder has over five years of hands-on experience, and our team is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We use the latest in technology and methodology to provide a deep level of exterior clean - without the risk of damages.

Safe but effective is our approach to power washing and exterior cleaning, and we'll take excellent care of your Battleground property. Watch as we wash away years of caked-on dirt and grime and restore your home's look to good as new.

Battle Ground Pressure Washing Experts Offering Superior Cleaning

If you're not already scheduling regular service like house washing, are you really taking care of your Battle Ground home? A critical part of maintenance is keeping the exterior clean, and it's not just about curb appeal.

The soft washing and pressure washing we offer to help keep the outside of your home clean helps with things like:

  • Removing Aggressive Algae
  • Eradicating Mold
  • Preventing Rot Development
  • Providing Cleaner and Healthier Conditions
  • Taking Off Bird and Pest Excrement

Although home improvement stores promote power washing as a DIY task, it's a job best left to trained and experienced pros. You could easily end up with property damage or personal injuries if you attempt to do it yourself.

Without proper training, you're not as likely to be happy with the outcome of the job either. Make sure that your routine maintenance checklist includes professional exterior cleaning from the Power Washing Professionals team.

Roof Cleaning to Beautify & Protect Your Battle Ground Home

What's the difference between how we clean your roof and another company does it? If it's a power washing company that still believes in using the same harsh method to clean every surface, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise.

A high-velocity stream of water that's meant for concrete isn't necessarily the best technique to use for delicate asphalt roofing shingles. So why hire someone who takes this approach?

We use soft washing so we can clean your roof while still protecting it. Your roof has a very critical job to do after all - protecting the structural integrity of your home!

There's no good reason to use cleaning methods that put the surface in danger of being damaged. For superior work and results, call our company and get a safe but effective roof cleaning for your Battle Ground home or commercial facility.

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If you are looking for Battle Ground pressure washing or roof cleaning, then please call 360-831-7694, or complete our online request form.