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Felida's Leader in Pressure Washing Services

House washing

Ask around, and locals in the area will tell you that Power Washing Professionals is the company to trust for Felida pressure washing. If you want your home to sparkle and shine like new, we can't wait to make that happen for you.

No matter how diligent you are about keeping your property clean, some jobs are beyond your skillset and ability. It's better to entrust us with the job and let us put our training, experience, and professional equipment to work for you.

Cleaning the exterior of your Felida home is about more than curb appeal - although that matters too. The power washing we do is about protecting your surfaces for maximum longevity and peak performance.

Pressure Washing Pros for Your Felida Home

Felida homeowners come to us because they know the quality of our work is unsurpassed. No matter what the task is, the quality will always be superior.

You can entrust us to use the methods necessary to offer exceptional cleaning for jobs like:

  • Roof Cleaning
  • House Washing
  • Window Cleaning
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Janitorial Services

We adapt our cleaning techniques to suit the surface, so we always deliver safe but effective results. The work we do will help to remove dirt, stains, allergens, and other contaminants from the outside of your home.

In addition to improving the curb appeal, our cleaning work will increase your property value and reduce the risk of numerous repairs. Pressure washing should be a consistent part of your preventative maintenance plan.

If you're planning on listing your home for sale, it's also an effective way to enhance the asking price. One professional exterior cleaning job can help you list your home potentially $45k higher.

Felida Roof Cleaning Doesn't Get Better Than This

The primary difference between power washing and our roof cleaning is we believe in safety first: safety for our customers, technicians, and your rooftop!

We use soft washing on rooftops instead of standard pressure washing techniques. By doing so, we're able to keep your roof clean and intact, as standard pressure washing can scar and damage your roof.

What's the point of performing roof cleaning but putting your roof in harm's way? There shouldn't be a possibility of compromising your rooftop just to get it clean.

At Power Washing Professionals, we're proud to offer soft washing to remove dirt and potentially harmful bacteria and contaminants without damaging your shingles in the process. Soft washing kills algae and mold at a molecular level so that it's not likely to return soon. Give us a call today and let our Felida team take care of your professional roof cleaning.

Reviews & Testimonials on Power Washing Professionals in Felida, WA

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If you are looking for Felida pressure washing or roof cleaning, then please call 360-831-7694, or complete our online request form.