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Professional Roof Cleaning in Vancouver WA

There are some jobs we like to think we can do ourselves and then there are those which need a professional. If you want to increase the curb appeal of your property and remove all that moss and stains, you need an expert. Power Washing Professionals use the latest technology to bring the sparkle back and protect your home from the harmful mildew and algae that all roofs get. Our fully trained team will take all the worry out of Roof Cleaning in Vancouver WA. We clear away all moss and debris. All you need to do is sit back and let us work our magic and get your roof looking the way it is supposed to. Power Washing Professionals offers Roof Cleaning in Vancouver WA, Vancouver, Hazel Dell, Five Corners, Mt Vista, Felida, Meadow Glade, and the surrounding areas.

Benefits Of Our Roof Cleaning in Vancouver WA Services

Increased Curb Appeal


Over time the build-up of dirt and debris on your roof can lead to tiles being lifted and water damage that can lead to expensive roof repairs. Not only this but moss and plant material on rooftops attract insects that can cause further damage to your property. Roof Cleaning in Vancouver WA is a dangerous job, one that should be left to the professionals who have the skill and experience required to do the job safely. Call Power Washing Professionals today for Roof Cleaning in Vancouver WA. We will take care of your property and keep it looking great for months to come.

Top Customer Service


At Power Washing Professionals, excellent customer service is not just about doing a great job. It starts with giving you a fast, free, no-obligation quote. We will answer any questions you have and address any concerns about the condition of your property. Next, we will arrange a suitable time for you to get your roof professionally cleaned and treated. Our fully trained team will then fully treat your property with the respect it deserves. We aim to give you complete peace of mind, we will get your roof clean without damaging it and without making a mess of your garden in the process.

Safety is Our Priority


We want you, your property, and our team to be safe. That is why we thoroughly train all our staff to make sure they know what they are doing. Roof Cleaning in Vancouver WA is just the start for us. Expert roof cleaning keeps you safe from the high cost of a roof replacement. Furthermore, to look after the health of you and your family, we use a special herbicide within our detergent that removes lichen, moss, and mildew spores that live and grow on your roof. So, when you use Power Washing Professionals, you don’t just get a clean roof. You get a healthy one too.

The Recommended Way for Roof Cleaning in Vancouver WA

Moss is a recurring problem on rooftops. Scrape that moss away, and it is only going to grow straight back. The only way to deal with it effectively is by chemically treating your property to kill the moss and stop new mosses from forming. Lichen, algae, and animal droppings make your property look unsightly and eat away at roofing material over time. To combat this, Power Washing Professionals use a specialist soft pressure washing technique that combines a low-powered water jet with eco-friendly detergents.

After thoroughly cleaning your roof access detergent and organic growth is safely rinsed Away by natural winds and rain living you nothing but a roof to be proud of.
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Valentina's Fitness

Roof Cleaning in Vancouver WA

Zach did an outstanding job cleaning our house, roof, and concrete around the house. Very professional, polite, and hard working. Highly recommend his roof cleaning services!
duarte rogers power washing professionals review

Duane Rodgers

Roof Cleaning in Vancouver WA

Zach is a wonderful Christan man. He’s warm and friendly. He did a great job of explaining what it was he was doing. We had him soft wash our roof using powerful chemicals to kill moss and mildew. We also have a lot of concrete around our property, Zach did a first rate job pressure washing and roof cleaning that job as well. Good Sucess in your business Zach, I have already referred him to a family member. Duane
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Mike Chumbley

Roof Cleaning in Vancouver WA

Great roof cleaning service and Moss treatment. The roof moss immediately turned to white mush. Plus it kept me off my roof where I don’t need to be.

Frequently Asked
Roof Cleaning in Vancouver WA Questions

When cleaning roofs we use a soft wash system. No pressure means no damage to your roof shingles. We use detergents that are applied by the asphalt roof manufacturer association.

Soft washing is the only roof cleaning method certified by the (NHA ) national homeowners association

Soft washing is also the only roof cleaning certified by the (ARMA) American roofing manufacturer association.

Please note- using wire brushes or pressure washers damages the shingles. An asphalt shingle is simply tar with granules on top of the tar. If aggressive forms of cleaning are used, the roof is damaged and voids the roof manufacture warranty.

Powerful jet washing your roof might make it look clean but can be very damaging to your property. That is why, for Roof Cleaning in Vancouver WA by Power Washing Professionals, uses only the ‘Soft’ pressure washing techniques as recommended by roofing manufacturers. This method is not just safe. It extends the life of your roofing.

Soft pressure washing utilizes a low-powered water jet combined with an eco-friendly detergent. This not only cleans away all the dirt and grime that can build up on roofing but kills mold spores and bacteria that grow on rooftops. This process uses less water and is more effective than pressure washing alone.

There is no one answer for when a roof needs to be cleaned. The climate and location of your property all affect how often Roof Cleaning in Vancouver WA. is required. To keep your roof in good condition and to extend the life of your property, we recommend an annual service.

We offer a fast, free, and no-obligation quote for all Roof Cleaning in Vancouver WA. Prices include the use of specialized ‘Soft’ washing technology and manufacturer-recommended eco-friendly detergents that safely cleans your roof and kills harmful plant growth that can damage your property.

It is not recommended or safe to remove moss from your roof at the time of service.

By manually removing the moss at the time of service, you are also taking granules off of the roof and deteriorating the lifespan of the roof.

However, the good news is that our roof treatment neutralizes moss and lichens at their roots. This allows them to fall off the roof over time naturally.

The length of time it takes them to fall off naturally is dependent on the depth to which their roots were embedded.

Typically three to six months is enough time for most organics to weather off gently.

We perform a “ roof treatment” that eliminates harmful living organisms that grow on your roof. This process is not designed to remove any debris from the roof.

If a debris removal is necessary, we would love to help remove debris from the roof also aside from the treatment.